Yoga Prescriptions

N New leaf Ayurveda’s approach to Asana and Yoga stays true to our Ayurvedic understanding of your Doshas. At New Leaf, we understand that each and every person is unique, and their Yoga practice should be no different.

Utilizing our Traditional Hatha Yoga Training, Ayurvedic assessment, and body mechanics evaluation, we will help craft a Yoga program that fits with your health goals. Our Yoga programs can accommodate even the most limited person, emphasizing restorative and regenerative practices that anyone can do. Breathing practices (Pranayama), Meditation (Dhyana), and physical postures (Asana) all combine to empower self-healing and autonomy of care. After all, Self Care is the best health care!

Join Dan Hendricks for an Individualized Yoga Assessment and Customized At-Home Yoga Practice. Dan follows the adage of “Two/Thirds Yoga”, striving for Inner Awareness and Ease of Pose.

Restorative, Foundational, and in Unison with your Ayurvedic Practice

Initial Assessment and Practicum – 1 hour – $75

Monthly Recheck – 30 minutes – $30