Why We Do It

The World is suffering a severe health crisis. Chronic disease is rampant, and it is rare to find anyone – young or old – who feels completely healthy.  Daily, at New Leaf Ayurveda, practitioners and patients are gaining freedom from this endless loop of suffering. When you know what we know about the science of Ayurveda, you would feel as we do – a responsibility to share it with the world!

Although Ayurveda is practiced by all Indigenous Peoples, only in India did the science evolve to comprehensively care for an over-populated agricultural society. Ayurveda does not need to be “proven” – it already has been, by millions of people over thousands of years, providing vibrant health and longevity from infancy to old age. The food science alone has the ability to heal you.

We also see immense value in a “Do no harm”, or Ahimsa, model of health care. Even Western medicine would benefit from adopting this code of ethics, which is the underpinning of Ayurveda. Any medicine that only treats a symptom, and that causes harm in the future, is considered to be a failed medicine by Ayurveda. Evidence of this abounds all around us.

We believe that Ayurveda is the Future. It is Ecological, Sustainable and Natural. It is time-tested and proven. Now let’s get started!