What We Do

W ith the Ayurvedic understanding of how Nature functions, we help people get out of an endless loop of symptom management and unsustainable Health Care practices. Starting with an in-depth assessment and a commitment to problem-solve your health issues, we create a clear plan of action that will target the underlying causes of your dis-ease.

This targeted approach will often bring quick results, even with the most chronic conditions, simply because we involve all of your unique facets. We bring you comprehensive solutions that include counseling, Ayurvedic body therapies and Panchakarma, dietary and lifestyle regimens, a bridge to Ayurveda in India, and a plethora of support services – all specific to you.

Every individual is unique – our genetics, our lifestyle, our history, our psychology. Ayurveda allows us to use this information by relating it to elemental properties that exist in all of Nature. The pure forms of Nature are known as Marut (Air and Space), Agni (Fire and Oily Moisture) and Soma (Water and Earth). When these become imbalances, we call them doshas, or Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These identifying elements are observable, logical and unchangeable. Once we understand our unique elemental signature, we can begin with certainty and confidence to profoundly and positively affect imbalances.

A person cannot be healthy if they are suffering, so our first course of action is always to improve the quality of life. Our primary concern is to provide effective solutions that do not cause harm in the present, nor in the future.

If a medicine causes injury in the future, then it is a failed medicine. Efficacy is determined by one’s own direct experience of benefit, and an improvement in the quality of life that can be observed and experienced.

Not all Ayurveda is created equal. Much of the Ayurveda that has made it to the U.S. has been fragmented and culturally appropriated into a one-size-fits-all approach, such as the commonly seen “Spa-yurveda”. For any true Science to be effective, it cannot be applied piecemeal. Because Ayurveda can be SO effective, it can harm if proper evaluation is not used. At New Leaf Ayurveda, we assess and evaluate at every step. For example, every time one comes in to New Leaf, there will be a question-and-answer period, a pulse diagnosis, and often even multiple practitioners conferring. We feel accountable to your success, to our lineage, and to the careful shepherding of authentic Ayurveda.

At New Leaf Ayurveda, the process begins with a 2-hour Initial Health Consultation with Nicole Wilkerson. On that day, you will receive a beginning protocol that will include goals, dietary changes and recipes, and recommendations for Ayurvedic herbal medicines and therapeutics. If you are in crisis, we will work to stabilize dis-ease progression. Once this goal is attained, we can bring many solutions for complete recovery, including strategic cycles of purification and rejuvenation. If you are seeking prevention and longevity, with an emphasis on quality of life, then we will have the whole science of Ayurveda at our disposal.