Vinay Kumar

Modalavalasa Vinay Kumar is New Leaf’s manager in India. He is from an Agricultural family in Srikakulam, a small city north of Visakhapatnam near the coast of Andhra Pradesh. He is a dynamic humanitarian with a heart of gold, who is instrumental to the success of all of New Leaf’s endeavors in India.


Vinay is a graduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Aditya Institute of Technology and Management, an affiliate of JNTU in Kakinada. He began mentoring students, and after meeting Nicole Wilkerson, got involved with activism at universities throughout Andhra Pradesh, promoting a return to Ayurveda and traditional agriculture.

Vinay has been struck by the changes occurring in the Motherland – young people leaving their farms for urban opportunity, then unable to return as their parents age and require their care. “I realized that happiness is nothing but living with human relations. So I want to stand as an example, by creating opportunities and helping farmers through Organic Farming.”

 Full of energy and ideas, Vinay is working to create a tourism platform, by which visitors can interact with student volunteers, providing a mutually beneficial cross-cultural experience. He is also helping to organize Ayurvedic Medical Tourism in Andhra Pradesh, to promote Ayurveda, Organic Farming, and Sustainable Rural Development.

 We are so excited to help Vinay realize his dreams, as he is helping us to realize ours.