I first experienced Ayurvedic consultations, treatment and lifestyle in my thirties, and over the ensuing years gradually fell away from much of it. As I reached my mid-sixties, I realized that I needed more support as bodily aches and pains were increasing. Other supports used over the years were no longer sufficient.

When I heard about Nicole I was immediately interested in a consultation, and I was so pleased to meet such a knowledgeable, experienced, personable, and dedicated practitioner. Right away I took up her recommendations, with immediate benefits. It has been about 10 months since our first meeting, and my health continues to improve.

I have been helped in every way by my association with Nicole, and the staff at New Leaf is to be commended for their consistent help, friendliness, and support to me and my wife, who is also receiving care from Nicole and the New Leaf staff.

At New Leaf, the commitment to helping is so genuine, and the methodologies so effective, that I have felt confident in recommending many of my own patients to Nicole and New Leaf Ayurveda.

Peter Caroff, DC