What conditions, illnesses, etc. brought you to New Leaf Ayurveda in the first place?

I was going through a severe lupus flare up. I had all the symptoms, including: extreme weight loss, hair loss, rashes, facial swelling, mouth sores, nausea, respiratory infection, night sweats, night fevers, extremely dehydrated, constipation, etc. I was bedridden and unable to walk or do anything for myself. My condition was so bad doctors were unwilling to help and I was constantly given the run around. I was withering away completely with no hope of getting better. I found myself looking for any solution, so we Googled natural medicine in the Sacramento Area and found New Leaf Ayurveda.

Did you see benefits from the recommendations given to you (whether for Ayurvedic body therapies, herbs, etc)?

Very slowly we started to see progress. I checked in almost every two weeks. In the beginning, I was skeptical about whether or not we were actually progressing. The first two weeks the rashes slowly went away. Then the swelling went down and I was also finally able to eat a little more. In 4 months, we saw a total flip. Most of the symptoms were gone, I was finally gaining back some of my weight. I was able to do things on my own, like walk, eat, drive, etc. Now, a year and a half later, my hair has fully grown back, my skin is clear and smooth, I am almost back to my original weight and I am able to manage my life without the use of pharmaceuticals. It almost feels like it never happened.

How long have you been a client and why do you keep coming back?

I have been a client for about a year and a half. After seeing my progress in the first 4 months, Nicole actually offered me a position as office manager here at New Leaf, so I have the opportunity to constantly check in with her. The reason I’ve continued this route of natural medicine is because I know it WORKS. Nothing I’ve been prescribed by a doctor has ever helped like the Ayurvedic remedies Nicole recommends.

How, in your own words, would you describe how Nicole operates?

Nicole is intense. She has 12 years of Ayurvedic experience, so she’s very serious when it comes down to the person as a client. She accurately describes herself as a “ very strict but loving mother.” She is straightforward and headstrong. She will give you homework to do because she believes in people doing their own research and educating themselves. She understands, is warm, compassionate and has a genuine interest in her work. With Nicole as your guide, you will never be lost.

Marissa Lopez