What conditions, illnesses, etc. brought you to New Leaf Ayurveda in the first place? I was going through a severe lupus flare up. I had all the symptoms, including: extreme weight loss, hair loss, rashes, facial swelling, mouth sores, nausea, respiratory infection, night sweats, night fevers, extremely dehydrated, constipation, etc.

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Marissa Lopez

I first experienced Ayurvedic consultations, treatment and lifestyle in my thirties, and over the ensuing years gradually fell away from much of it. As I reached my mid-sixties, I realized that I needed more support as bodily aches and pains were increasing. Other supports used over the years were no longer sufficient.

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Peter Caroff

I struggled for years with Adrenal Fatigue until Nicole outed an infection at the base of a root-canaled tooth. My symptoms were nausea, exhaustion, frustration, overwhelm, and vertigo.

Working with Nicole and the NLA team, I healed the infection, strengthened my adrenals and immune system…

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Traci S.