M ost of us put Spirituality in a box. This box is often held separate from our everyday life. The problem with this is that our very nature is Spiritual. When we go thru life unengaged with our own nature, we invite a host of ailments, such as illness, depression, stress, immune disfunction, etc…

What we call Spirituality is the engagement with the part of oneself that is not the physical body or the mind. This is of great importance, as true healing cannot occur when one is ignoring such a primary aspect of oneself. Unfortunately, many of us relegate Spirituality to the realm of belief, believing that if we can’t see something with our eyes, it must not be real. And when our actual experience is bypassed in favor of beliefs that are unprovable and self-serving, problems arise.

We like to think of Spirituality as a technology for accessing our core, or REAL SELF. By seeing differently that which is already in our field of awareness, our experience can be transformed. The ability to do this is within all of us; we only need some guidance. It is important to recognize that Spirituality is not Religion; all Religions contain the kernel of Spirituality. New Leaf clients are Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Parsee, Agnostic and Atheist, among others. All can benefit from a re-commitment to the core of their beliefs.

At New Leaf, our goal is to help people experience, engage with, and understand their own inherent Spiritual nature. We offer individual Spiritual counseling sessions with Sagar Hallal, as well his powerful 6-week class, “Living in Reality”.