Vata aka “Calm”

Heavy and Calm
This aroma has warming properties and is good for all doshas (except where contraindicated).

This aroma is useful for an overactive mind and erratic or unstable energy. It will bring a deep relaxation and calm if inhaled deeply or used properly in a massage setting.


100% Organic Ingredients:
Organic rose
Sweet fennel
Sweet orange
Sweet marjorum
Holy basil

Common Uses:
Use 1 drop applied to the left palm, can be applied to strategic marmas on the head and feet. Apply to bottoms of feet before bed with a preferred base oil – sesame oil, ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil - to promote deep sleep

Possible Ayurveda Therapeutics Implications:
Use for Vata dosha, but not generally aggravating to Pitta or Kapha when used in moderation. It is useful for all 5 ubdoshas of Vata, especially Prana, Apana, and Vyana. Used in marmas, spine swipes, foot massages, and applied to forehead, scalp, or neck region, it works very nicely for deep grounding, almost zonking, effects on Vata.

Do not use when there is a painful headache or in high pitta conditions or smell sensitivity, as it is a heavy scent.



None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA, and they are not a substitute for Western medical advice. Ayurveda is a time-tested practice that has proven its efficacy over thousands of years. Ayurveda was developed independently of Western medicine.

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