Prana Vata aka “Clarify”

Clarity and Focus
This aroma has warming AND cooling properties and is good for all doshas (except where contraindicated).

Prana Vata oil enlivens and nourishes the pranic body, the pranamayakosha. This aroma promotes clarity of mind by stabilizing the erratic forces of vata in the head region, resulting in coordination of mind and body. It works well for localized pain, as well as conditions of pain due to stagnation of kapha, pitta or vata. Use Prana Vata for increased circulation, mental acuity and coordination.


100% Organic Ingredients:
Bulgarian Lavender Extract
Sweet Marjoram
Sweet Orange

Common Uses:
Use 4-6 drops, can be applied for acute stagnation or for relief from intense/acute pain. Use more for larger area. Olive oil is a preferred base oil for Prana Vata as the bitter effects of the olive oil balance the pungent effects of the Prana Vata oil.

Possible Ayurveda Therapeutics Implications:
Slightly stimulating, this aroma can be used for imbalances of vata and kapha. Added to marma creams or base oils (esp olive oil), it will increase the prana vayu wherever it is applied.

Light and smell sensitivity, headaches or migraine or nausea



None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA, and they are not a substitute for Western medical advice. Ayurveda is a time-tested practice that has proven its efficacy over thousands of years. Ayurveda was developed independently of Western medicine.


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