Apana Vata aka “Ground”

Ground and Purify
This aroma has warming properties and is good for vata dosha.

Apana Vata aroma activates the downward action improving elimination and purification of the detox channels.


100% Organic Ingredients:
Sweet Fennel
Sweet Orange
Juniper Berry

Common Uses:
Applied to the stomach or belly button, 1-2 drops in base oil, will support Apana, peristalsis and proper muscle coordination of eliminative organs. It will give mild heating effects and can aggravate pitta dosha.

It opens the channels of the urinary/genital tract, large intestine and colon, and reproductive organs, as well as imbalances arising from an overactive mind and high stress levels. Because of its slightly heating effects, use with caution when Pitta is very high. This aroma can be applied to bottoms of feet daily for improved elimination.

Possible Ayurveda Therapeutics Implications
Use as a stimulant for strengthening the apana/downward action, particularly with issues of poor muscle tone and weak peristalsis. It can increase frequency of urination and is stimulating to the lymphatic system. Always use in a base oil based on your dosha. Apana Vata oil can cause sun sensitivity and should be used with caution when going into the sun. It strengthens female hormones and needs to be assessed and chosen correctly, as it is contraindicated for people with excessive female hormones.

High pitta kapha ama, light sensitivity, known skin sensitivity, avoid using with high Pitta ama due to faulty detox of liver and reproductive systems.



None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA, and they are not a substitute for Western medical advice. Ayurveda is a time-tested practice that has proven its efficacy over thousands of years. Ayurveda was developed independently of Western medicine.


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