Nic Vannoy

Nic Vannoy is the business manager of New Leaf Ayurveda. He is also an excellent massage therapist and Panchakarma technician. Nic made his way to Sacramento in 2016 from the mountains of North Carolina, where he helped run his family’s multi-million dollar business, and the tools he learned there have been instrumental in helping New Leaf grow.


As with many at New Leaf, he found his way here as a patient. Nic’s journey through his own physical healing thoroughly informs his massage practice, and the intense Spiritual work he continues to do has transformed his experience. One of Nic’s most striking attributes is his ability to inhabit “the process”, whatever that process may be, and to deliberately engage it. This gives him profound empathy for New Leaf clients, who are all at different stages of the healing journey.

Another of Nic’s gifts (or curses) is an acute emotional sensitivity. Being born into a situation where this was not valued led him to many strategies to blunt the feeling body, as is not uncommon in our society, where many must fracture their identities in order to function. His sincere search for wholeness and integration, and his honesty in looking at his own baggage, truly makes him one in a million.

An inveterate sportsperson, Nic is an experienced youth coach, and he has a passion for helping young people navigate their way to emotional health. He is also interested in and open to growing as a healer and a businessperson, and we can’t wait to see what Nic gets up to in this lifetime.