Meenakshi Kaul

Originally from Kashmir, the sacred mountain land in the far north of India, Meenakshi Kaul has taken the role of New Leaf’s mother. Besides holding down the front desk, she understands that nurturing is of primary importance to our mission, whether it’s the clients, the practitioners, or the sacred space that is New Leaf Ayurveda.

Meenakshi’s experience of Ayurveda traces back to her traditional upbringing, as “kitchen Ayurveda” has always been a part of most Indian households. Her father and grandfather were highly respected Pandits in their community, and Meenakshi has inherited their spiritual gravitas, not to mention her mother’s aptitude in the kitchen.

After gaining degrees in Textile Arts and Fashion from university in New Delhi, Meenakshi has been devoted to raising a family in Sacramento for the past 18 years. When not caring for her husband and two daughters, she offers beginning Hindi and weekend prayer classes.