As the world is reeling from microbiological realities, we are in need of sound suggestions on how to proceed. 

How do you feel about the Corona Virus?

Are you panicked or afraid? Cavalier?
How about Quarantined?  

Although the sickness and suffering from this virus are real, and we are very sorry for all the loss, it seems apparent that the general thrust of the media and governmental narratives is that we should be feeling fearful. So now seems like a good time to make it known how we at New Leaf Ayurveda are viewing this situation.

(Pictured above: Nicole and Sagar at MEO farms in Viskhapatnam, India, researching micro-biological remedies.)

New Leaf Ayurveda’s Perspective

Epidemics and pandemics have always been a feature of human existence. Because of this, the medical science of Ayurveda was well-funded during the time of the Rajas. Periods of calm are shattered by spasms of disease, which have the potential to profoundly remold societies. In recent times, man has declared war on Nature, and as a result she has become virulent and aggressive herself. In other words, we have poked the tiger into a ferocious beast – one that we cannot kill. What if we just stopped poking the tiger – what might we do instead?  What if the kill methods have timed out? Did you know that all (un-engineered) microbes naturally mutate to mildness? Ayurvedic medicine has shown the way before and we think it can show the way now. 

As practitioners and Doctors of Ayurveda, we are familiar with many of the more virulent pathogens – HIV, Lyme disease, mold sickness and super-fungi, for example, are sicknesses we have seen and treated. Smart doctors and researchers are well-aware that we now live in a post-antibiotic world, and that the specter of Super Bugs is not looming – it is here, and has been for a while. Although not widely publicized, it is now well-established that untreatable fungi have colonized most hospitals and are a major cause of death. We now know that molds, bacteria and viruses are commonly the cause of chronic disease and even death. It is true, however, that none of these are as widely-covered in the media as Covid-19 has been. We may not know why it’s being so sensationalized, but the good news is that we have a powerful arsenal of Ayurvedic treatments and natural means of care.

Whether one believes that Covid-19 is an inevitable and natural disease mutation, or that it was engineered, it is now clear that the tiger is out of the bag, and we all have to reckon with it.

So what does that mean for us all? What do we need to be doing now?
Is prevention the best approach? If so, what are the priorities?

The good news is that if you’ve already been exposed, you are immunologically more blessed than the rest of us. I would like to go on the record to say that it is likely that we will all be exposed, if we haven’t been already, and that the best possible outcome is strong immunity and resilience. Prevention is always the best approach, and my advice is do not delay.  

The Ayurvedic Approach


The following Ayurvedic suggestions have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to replace the medical advice of your Doctor.  

First of all, how dangerous is this Coronavirus?

From the statistics we have seen, and from the research we have done, it appears that those most at-risk are the elderly, those with existing respiratory weaknesses, and the immuno-compromised. In fact, the risk to all other populations appears to be fairly negligible. That said, we should ask for grace and be wise by getting stronger and healthier for whatever comes next.

From what we can also tell, there are quite a few fairly simple, natural methods to prevent us getting sick from the disease, reduce the severity of the infection and speed its resolution. Most people infected are sick with fever and cough. Symptoms usually resolve completely within 2 to 3 weeks. Although this seems to be a Superbug with a fast infection rate, in most people it comes and goes like any other cold. Only sometimes does it turn into pneumonia. This particular pneumonia is more dangerous than normal because the mucous is stickier than normal, and not as easily expelled.

One caution we have seen that makes sense to us (as reported by many health care providers, including Western doctors) is that this virus should not be treated with Antibiotics. Viruses feed on bacteria, and the die-off from the antibiotic may increase the longevity of the disease, severely weaken the immune system and create complications that may lead to a much worse outcome.

So let’s focus on what we can do.

Immunity and Detox

The starting point is two-fold – immune function and detox. Bolstering our immunity and supporting our natural detox processes (like snot, poop and pee) are especially important if we fall within one of the high-risk groups. We strengthen our immunity primarily through:

  • Balance Pitta and Vata – Dryness and inflammation are a hallmark of this disease. Anti-inflammatory and fresh-cooked foods are best
  • Increasing Ojas – Ayurvedic Concept of Immunity and Vitality
  • Proper nutrition – Food is Medicine
  • Improving Gut health – Pro- biotic approach is better than Anti-biotic approach
  • Optimizing detox and elimination – Support all waste removal processes, as the backlog becomes a food source and a breeding ground for unwanted bugs
  • Reduce Stress Response – Methods of reset and rejuvenation are necessary to prevent weakness and debility from frequent cortisol secretion

How do you increase Ojas? Ojas is the source of our immune strength and it is the final product of proper digestion. It is a “life-giving” substance (something like good fats and plasma which carries white blood cells) that permeates the body and must be tended – poor sleep, anxiety, unhappiness, too much sex, too much or not enough exercise, poor nutrition, etc… will sap your Ojas.

The microbiome of the gut, starting in the mouth and nose, is where our immunity begins. Gut flora damaged by antibiotic usage cannot protect us from malevolent microbiotic invaders. Nor can an injured gut properly digest foods to create Ojas. Ayurvedic diet incorporates pre and probiotic foods prepared for your doshas as the corner stone of good health and strong immunity. You can rebuild your gut flora from the ground up with the infant strains of probiotics, one at a time. The diet should include microbes from freshly-made yogurt and fermented foods like Idly or Dhokla. Contact New Leaf Ayurveda if you need help learning about these foods.

Important health goals:

  • Daily bowel movements, complete and easy
  • Daily sweat opportunity
  • Voluminous urination  
  • Eat a mostly vegetarian diet so that high-fiber and easy-to-digest meals are the norm

Activating your natural detox processes prevents “stagnation” that can breed disease. This is a cornerstone of Ayurvedic health and should not be underestimated. 


What can we say about stress? If looming microbial fall-out and a rapidly changing world isn’t stressful, then I don’t know what is. How do we remain calm in the storm?  By busying ourselves with proactive solutions that give us peace of mind and stability. We meditate daily and pray to hand it over, as it is not in our hands. And by affirming our connection with Nature and thanking Her whenever we can, we won’t let the stress cortisols get the best of us.

Om Shanti!

Suggestions for the Times

Below are some clear tips that we feel can be invaluable to your immediate benefit and peace of mind. They include my own understanding of respiratory health and our research on this current virus. As always, individual Ayurvedic assessment is important and should be made a priority.

*** Note: Clinical success treating this novel strain of Respiratory pneumonia with an Ayurvedic approach requires individual assessment of Doshas for both Prakruti and Vrikruti, making every protocol unique to each individual suffering from infection. However, there are some patterned characteristics that are being observed by many different health care providers, and the following suggestions are with consideration of the Doshas and subdoshas that are being described.

Check back with New Leaf often for updates.

Daily Hygiene


Oil is a natural anti-microbial protectant – Oil up!

– Warm up Sesame oil* (or your Ayurvedic prescription oil) and oil up your whole body, including inside of ears and nose.

Bronchials, Sinuses, and Lungs

Clean and protect Bronchials, Sinuses and Lungs. Steam and expectorate – always blow and spit, never swallow!

– Steam with Eucalyptus, Udana Vata* or Kapha Aroma*


After morning shower, use Clear and Soothe Nasya (Nasal) oil*, 1-2 pumps snorted in each nostril.

– 20 drops Anu Thailam* can be added to a bottle of Clear and Soothe for stronger benefit.

– Plain organic cold-pressed Sesame oil, warmed, can be used also.


– After Nasya, gargle a boiled tea of Tulsi, Ginger, Turmeric and licorice – take a few sips, then gargle like the dickens!

– Make sure to move head side-to-side to help ears and tonsils drain.


– Use Udana Vata* essential oil in Vitamin D or DGL Marma creams.

 Oral Hygiene

– Clean mouth well with Ayurvedic Neem toothpaste

– Clean tongue with tongue scraper/cleaner*

Washing Hands

– Handwash with hot water and tea tree oil soap.
  Put one at every sink. Get under nails.

* indicates product is available at New Leaf Ayurveda or online.

Immune Support

Boosting general Immunity is advised! Pick one or more for best results:

Bio Immune Formula* (2 in AM, 2 in PM)

Aller Defense Formula* (2 in AM, 2 in PM)

Immuno Correct* drops, pills or tea

Ashwaghanda* and Turmeric milk ½ tsp Ashwaganda, ¼ tsp turmeric 2 times per day

Sudarsana from Kerala, India at

Tulsi tea 2 times per day

Dashmula* or Licorice Root tea decoction, ½ tsp boiled and strained. Up to 2 times daily

– High Dose of Amla Berry*, 2 tablets with each meal

Chyawanprash* – 2 teaspoons before meals

(Amla Berry and Chyawanprash are potent sources of Vitamin C. Reputable sources have reported good results with treating Coronavirus infections with high doses of Vitamin C.)

– Some reputable sources are suggesting Zinc lozenges, or Yashad Bhasma from

* indicates product is available at New Leaf Ayurveda or online.

Dietary Support

Keeping your Detox/Elimination Systems working well is essential.
(Recipes available at New Leaf Ayurveda)

Green Minestrone Soup

Bitter Greens like Collards, Bitter Melon and Loki Gourd

Ginger-based Vegetarian Soups with Pitta /Kapha spicing

– Fresh homemade raw milk Yogurt made into Lassi, daily 1-4 times 


Completely Avoid:

– Aged dairy
– Alcohol
– Processed flours including gluten-free
– Vinegars
– Fried foods and bad oils
– Tap water
– White potatoes
– Preservatives and chemicals



 Remove sources of stress!

– Get off the TV, get off the web, get out into nature.

Focus on what’s in front of you – your family, yourself, your people – rather than on things you cannot control.

Daily sunshine on the face, arms or back.

Oil up the whole body with Sesame oil. Don’t miss the inside of nose, ears and bottoms of feet.

– There is good evidence that Coronavirus infections are exacerbated by proximity to 5G wireless. Therefore, minimizing such proximity is highly recommended.


Parting Words from Sagar Hallal

People are dying from the Coronavirus, it is true. People are also dying, and have been for years, from flu, cancer, neurological diseases, diabetes, antibiotic resistant infections – the list goes on and on – with barely a peep from the media and the authorities. New Leaf Ayurveda is committed to finding solutions that bring relief from these conditions, that give longevity and vitality, and that support our relationship with the microbiological world.

From what we can tell, the current governmental and media push has less to do with protecting our health, and more to do with remolding our society to conform to particular agendas. What these agendas are is anyone’s guess. However, the consequences of the changes our society is undergoing will be:

– Fear of and loss of human contact and interaction.

– Disruption of our familiar rhythms and habits.

– Increased isolation from the natural world.

– Dramatic increase of “virtual” and on-line experiences: entertainment, shopping, socializing.

– Decrease in travel.

– Great economic hardship for the middle and lower classes, and for small businesses.

– Rapid economic consolidation toward the medical and large corporate sectors.


Given what we know, historically, about how epidemics and pandemics proceed, we believe that we will all be exposed, eventually, to Covid-19 (if we haven’t already been!) and that all these restrictions are simply forestalling the inevitable. In our view, the only rational actions to take are to bolster our immunity, optimize our detox functions, and treat ourselves appropriately and effectively if we do fall ill. 

This being the case, we urge you all to push back against the destructive fallout of the restrictions being imposed upon us – make efforts to retain as much human contact as you can, make sure to spend as much time in Nature as you can, foreground your own self-care and the self-care of those around you, and support small businesses.

And if you are plugged into New Leaf Ayurveda and following an Ayurvedic lifestyle, you are in the best possible position for immunity and survival. Give the rest to God and figure out how to help out, as it will take a Village.