Heidrun Schmidt

Heidrun Schmidt is a gifted healer – she came to New Leaf via our Apprenticeship program. She is an Ayurvedic bodyworker and Panchakarma technician, and an Ayurvedic consultant in training.

In Heidrun’s own words:

“My experience at New Leaf has been rewarding and eye-opening. Studying Ayurveda for 3 years prior to working at New Leaf gave a great foundation in Ayurvedic theory, yet learning how to integrate the science into practice is another story. Not only am I honing technical skills of application, but am participating with a community of people that inspire my mind and heart to grow. The refreshing culture at New Leaf, ultimately oriented in service to help people, empowers creative and deep inquiry into the diagnostic and therapeutic process.


“My interest in Ayurveda stems from intellectual curiosity and personal necessity in my own healing process. I studied various health and healing modalities since 2004, gradually reorienting my conceptual and experiential praxis of health in a holistic framework. Growing up with parents who were allopathic physicians, I encountered a system of medicine that diagnosed and managed illnesses, but fell short in terms of preventative and sustainable options. Having my thyroid removed at 21 meant a radical debilitation in my physiology that still requires considerable management.

“Ayurveda offers a multitude of options for supporting my health as I age with this continual homeostatic disruption. I can’t re-grow another thyroid (for now!), but I can slow down and prevent some of the (un)expected conditions which result from my particular circumstance. Ayurveda is a vast system of knowledge that has transformed my worldview, given tools to support myself and others while reifying a continual reverence of nature.”