Get Started

New Leaf Ayurveda offers a comprehensive toolbag for your journey back to health. We are a full-service Ayurveda clinic, dedicated to your success.

We offer 60 years of collective experience in helping individuals suffering from chronic disease conditions;

Comprehensive and expert guidance in Diet and Prevention;

World-class Pancha Karma treatments to those needing intensive Purification and/or Rejuvenation;

and a sweeping alternative for those who know that the time has come for a shift – from a failing “dependency” Healthcare model, to an empowered Diet and Lifestyle model that puts our health back into our own hands.

Start with an Initial Health Consultation to bring a practiced and discerning eye to your maladies. With proper assessment, including an in-depth Interview, Visual assessment, Tongue inspection, and most important of all, Pulse diagnosis, we see the pattern of imbalance and its causative factors.

With this self-referred data, we can craft a plan of action that targets the Root Cause, while seeking an immediate change in symptomology. You will leave with lifestyle goals, herbal supports, a comprehensive food plan including recipes, and a new hope for your health!  

Once you get started, we bring sustainability and long-term success by carefully following your progress, supporting you by giving opportunities for Q & A and texting services, and providing on-site Therapeutics. We encourage autonomy and will guide you through at-home practices that are inexpensive and effective. Whether you choose a self-led model, or an “in-house” approach, a longevity-focused solution is available at New Leaf Ayurveda.