Executive Chef Services – Food as medicine

N ew Leaf Ayurveda strives to provide each and every participant with their correct diet – the most sustainable and long-term Health Care available. Ayurvedic food IS medicine. We see the biggest changes when our customers’ specifically recommended diet is strictly adhered to, and hear constantly about our how delicious and satisfying our recipes are. However, with the demands of our busy lives, this crucial component can be difficult, requiring new regimens and specific recipes, especially in the beginning.

For those seeking ease and convenience with the diet, our Food for Friends program is for you. Expertly prepared and delicious, we can speed up your road to recovery with our Ayurvedic, customizable menu. Food for Friends is provided on Mondays and Thursdays, and gives you an opportunity to always have the most important medicine that Nature has to offer – your food.

Sagar Hallal, our resident Executive Chef, has worked in five-star kitchens around the world. Pairing Sagar’s technical cooking skills with New Leaf’s clinically tested recipes makes for a dynamic soup! Inquire about these services by emailing or calling us for our current Menu offerings.

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Recipes and Resources

Vinay’s mother’s kitchen with organic Ragi in Andhra Pradesh