Dan Hendricks

Dan Hendricks is currently the Clinic Manager and the Lead Technician for our Pancha Karma house at New Leaf Ayurveda. He works closely with Nicole Wilkerson, our Director, to expertly execute extensive multiple-day Ayurvedic Therapies. He also offers individual massage therapies as well.

Because he shares the same Ayurvedic constitution as Nicole, it has been second-nature for him to learn her style of massage, and to emulate her work ethic. He is here to serve, rain or shine, and loves to support everyone on their healing journey.

Dan began his journey of healing through Ayurveda 4 years ago, coming to New Leaf for help after despairing with modern medicine. Since his arrival, he has experienced such profound transformation and healing that he wants to share it with the world.


At the beginning, he had his Vedic Astrology Reading with Sagar Hallal, and was so blown away that he immersed himself in the study of Vedic Astrology. In 2014, he studied Yoga at Mt Madonna Center and became a Yoga Teacher in the lineage of Classical Ashtanga Yoga (note: not “Power Yoga”). Also in 2014, he went to massage school and became a Certified Massage Practitioner (CAMTC Lic # 65870). He immediately started working at New Leaf as a Yoga Teacher, offering Private Yoga sessions for clients, and in late 2014 began apprenticing in Ayurvedic Massage and Body Therapies.

Through his studies and personal experience of Yoga, Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, and by working at the clinic with Nicole Wilkerson, Dan has gained a more profound view of what life has to offer. He desires to help people find, follow and pursue their higher path, and to help remove the obstacles that we all face along our paths. That could be through…

Integrated Ayurvedic Massage- massage modalities viewed through the lens of Ayurveda;

Yoga – the focused union of physical movement, breath, and concentration;

Astrology – the understanding of the influences of the movements of celestial bodies in the macrocosm and how they correlate to the subjective experience of the individual on a terrestrial level and their own microcosm.

Working closely with Nicole, immersed in clinical practice, and diving deep into his spirituality, he is well on his way towards mastery of his various modalities.