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We Have Some Choices to Make

We are now almost a month into the Coronavirus experience. What have we learned? What do we know? What do we suspect? Where are we headed? New data is constantly coming into view. What is good information, what is MIS-information? And more importantly, how are we...

The Coronavirus is Here – How Should We Feel?

Aren’t these interesting times? However you feel about what’s going on, no matter what fears are being brought up, you have to admit at least that. __________ As I lay in bed yesterday, I had a realization that nothing has changed. The plants and animals, the bugs and...

How Do I Proceed in Light of the Coronavirus?

As the world is reeling from microbiological realities, we are in need of sound suggestions on how to proceed.  How do you feel about the Corona Virus? Are you panicked or afraid? Cavalier? How about Quarantined?   Although the sickness and suffering from...



“Is there anything in the world of healthcare more divisive than the subject of vaccines? . . . What we have seen is that more people relate to the vaccine issue as a belief system, rather than from a scientific point of view – that is, from observation of actual data.”



“We are not actually discreet entities but microbiomes – roving ecosystems in constant interaction with the ecosystems around us . . . When considering this reality, does the pathological model of healthcare make any sense?”

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