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Our Package

Best Start Package
This is a comprehensive postpartum support for the health of mom and baby.

Individual Services
These are available for postpartum care with an Ayurvedic consultation. Contact us now for inquiries.

Postpartum Care Program

New Leaf Ayurveda's postpartum care program meets each new mom where they are at to support a healthy recovery. Every mom-to-be will be assessed by Nicole Wilkerson, lead practitioner of New Leaf Ayurveda, before and after the birth to ensure care is tailored appropriately for her. New moms will be cared for by New Leaf's team of trained Ayurvedic practitioners and massage therapists who will be tenderly providing our services. Our focus is to create a smooth transition, rebalance the physiology, and bring harmony to the mind and body by:

  • Encouraging and increase milk production and milk quality 
  • Supporting the balance and regulation of hormones 
  • De-stressing the central nervous system allowing for processing and integration of experience 
  • Nourishing the body and mind by using hands on nurturing, superior nutrition and emotional support

Ayurveda is an eastern holistic health practice that gives guidelines for gentle and effective postpartum care regimens that have time tested efficacy. Ayurvedic postpartum care works to protect mother and baby from taking on imbalances and stress during this sensitive time. Ayurveda sees pregnancy as the time to celebrate the mother, and during postpartum shower the new mom with even more devotion and care. New Leaf Ayurveda is here to give what every new mom deserves.


Nicole Wilkerson is New Leaf Ayurveda’s Lead Practitioner and consultant. She will perform all health assessments and check-ups.

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