picture of oils used during a pancha karma treatment

Pancha Karma

Purification and Rejuvenation Treatments

$550 per day
Cannot be combined with any discounts


Purification treatments are designed to purify tissues, moving and expelling toxins from your body. Each treatment can span over several weeks, with work done both on your own at home and in the New Leaf Ayurveda center. An Ayurvedic specialist guides you through each stage of the treatment.


Rejuvenation treatments are designed to strengthen and fortify. The treatments quiet the nervous system, relax the mental and emotional faculties, and bring deep rest to the physiology. Work is done over the course of a week, creating a space for the body, and being, to decompress. Rejuvenation therapies support healing from trauma, prolonged stress, sleep disturbance or prolonged periods of fatigue.

Pancha Karma treatments are customized for each client and where that client is on the path towards health. New Leaf Ayurveda interprets twenty-four different body treatments into what is suited best for the client. These treatments might include shirodhara, steam therapies, hot sand therapies, herbal paste scrubs, castor oil packs, aromatherapy, herbal supplements, and food preparation.

These treatments include several health check-ins, pulse reads during each phase, and specific diet and herbal recommendations.

Ayurvedic Health Consultation is required for new clients.

To make an appointment with New Leaf Ayurveda, please contact us at 1-916-514-0072 or schedule@newleafsac.com.