picture of massage table and shirodhara pot

Integrated Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic Massage Customized to Your Doshas

$175, 2 hour session | $195, 2 hour session with Director, Nicole Wilkerson

$270 & up, 1.5 hrs, 2 practitioner Traditional Abhyanga

New Leaf Ayurveda uses integrated massage therapy as a tool for healing. We incorporate Ayurvedic massage practices into deep tissue and structural integration therapies. We are committed to utilizing the tools that would be of the greatest benefit to the client.

Also available, is traditional Indian ahbyanga, please call for pricing. This two person, synchronized massage technique is the original style practiced in Ayurvedic healing.

All of our massage treatments utilize high quality, organic, heated oils and herbs. These are blended specifically for your treatment.

To make an appointment with New Leaf Ayurveda, please contact us at 1-916-514-0072 or schedule@newleafsac.com.