picture of a person getting their pulse read

Ayurvedic Health Consultations

Creating a plan to achieve a healthy life

With Director, Nicole Wilkerson
2 hr Initial Consult, $225
Recheck, $90 per hr

This personal consultation with an Ayurvedic specialist is designed to assess where you are and where you would like to be. Together, with the specialist, you will craft an individualized health plan that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

The full health and lifestyle assessment includes pulse reading and dosha assessment along with recommendations for body therapies, diet and herbal supplements. New Leaf Ayurveda will meet challenges and work to form creative solutions to enable you to meet your health goals.

The Ayurvedic Health Consultation is the first step of the process towards a healthier life. It is required for any new client, to ensure the best care is given.

To make an appointment with New Leaf Ayurveda, please contact us at 1-916-514-0072 or schedule@newleafsac.com.