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Cooking Classes and Private Chef Services

Learn How to Cook Ayurvedic Foods to Support Your Health

Extend the healing practices of Ayurveda into your own kitchen. Seen as medicine by the practitioners of Ayurveda, food is one of the most important tools of nature. Learn the basics or refine your skills with the help of New Leaf Ayurveda.

Menus are all vegetarian, organic and seasonal. Requests taken for vegan menus or vegan recipe variations.

The Five Spice Cook (Beginner), call for pricing

This class begins at Whole Foods where we shop for basic Ayurvedic ingredients. Learn to cook a complete meal with the essential Ayurvedic dishes that may include whole grains, legumes and fresh vegetables. Basic Ayurvedic cooking techniques and food preparations create a base for any Ayurvedic meal. Learn to cook and then enjoy the meal.

Advanced Cooking Class, call for pricing

Take your cooking skills further by learning more about the spices that go into Ayurvedic cooking. Cook a more complex menu while discussing ideas and techniques in a group setting. Expand your Ayurvedic recipe repertoire - menu based on requests from participants. Enjoy the meal that you have prepared!

In-home Cooking Class, call for pricing

A personal lesson in Ayurvedic cooking techniques in your own kitchen. Help create the menu for an individualized learning experience. Each menu will include 4 -5 Ayurvedic dishes designed to balance your doshas.

Private Chef Services, call for pricing

Let New Leaf Ayurveda cook for you! Utilize the New Leaf chefs to make your life easier. In-home private chef services offer a wide range of services. Craft a menu specifically for your tastes or stock up on your favorite home-made Ayurvedic foods and snacks to help you get through the week. A session could also include setting up an Ayurvedic kitchen and/or pantry. Private Chef Services can be scheduled at a reoccurring time (monthly, bi-monthly or weekly) or as needed. Amount of time needed per session is based on requested menu items and services.

In-home Private Parties, call for pricing

Reserve an Ayurvedic chef for the evening to teach a group the skills of Ayurveda cooking. Have fun with your friends while learning and then enjoy the delicious meal!

To make an appointment with New Leaf Ayurveda, please contact us at 1-916-514-0072 or schedule@newleafsac.com.