New Leaf Yoga Center

Yoga for EveryBody

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga are available with one of our yoga instructors.

These classes emphasis either:


  • Personalized Yoga Routine - work on specific poses and routines for your daily practice
  • Yoga Therapy - use Yoga practices as an emotional and physical release process

1 hour Private Class, $90
1.5 hour Private Class, $145

Yoga Instructors

Nicole Wilkerson

Nicole Wilkerson ~ Nicole Wilkerson is the Director and creator of New Leaf Ayurveda and New Leaf Yoga. She has 25 years professional experience in the field of natural health and healing. As a chronic pain and injury massage therapist and an Ayurvedic practitioner she brings a diverse understanding of alignment, individual dosha assessment and the power of Yoga for healing. Training at Mount Madonna in classical Yoga Sutra and a lifetime of meditation have prepared her to teach classical Yoga that incorporates the needs of our modern lives. Her classes are spiritual, deep and transforming. Her priorities include seeing the individuals needs, supporting ease and comfort, strength and stamina to bring a pleasure- full and positive experience of mind and body.


Dan Hendricks

Dan Hendricks ~ Dan is a serious student of Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and esoteric sciences in general. Using his own healing journey as inspiration he has committed his life to serving and teaching others the power of Yoga to heal and nurture us back to health. His training at Mount Madonna Yoga School has given him roots in the classical Yoga Sutras, maintaining the original Vedic intention for Yoga as an expression of our spiritual journey. As a Yoga student he has practiced many styles and has experienced first-hand the pitfalls to a fast unconscious yoga practice. He has come to believe in a "2/3"rds Yoga philosophy encouraging students to back off from stress or strain and reach your potential with patience and care. His humor, good looks and sweet nature are a positive contribution as well!


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"I have attended restorative yoga classes at New Leaf Ayurveda for over a year and I find the classes to be spiritual, supportive and challenging. New Leaf instructors are caring individuals who are skilled, knowledgeable and willing to share what is best for me. The studio is quite comfortable and the location is very convenient."- Susan L. (age 53)

"The yoga at new leaf is exciting, enlivening and totally supportive. I love every minute of it!" - Inge A. (age 73)

"New Leaf Yoga is the real deal. Every time I go to a class I'm stronger both mentally and physically. Finally a studio to call home!" - Sara M. (age 43)